Videos on TikTok just got longer: What does it mean for advertisers?

That’s right, TikToks are getting longer. The social video-sharing app recently introduced the option to film, edit, and publish longer videos, extending the length from sixty seconds to three minutes.

We suspect the new feature will offer creators more flexibility when filming and encourage users to produce richer and more compelling content for their followers to enjoy. But what are the implications for advertisers? Here’s what you need to know:

More time to communicate your message

TikTok’s previous time constraints posed a challenge for creators in bringing their stories to life. Many had worked around these limitations by splitting videos into multiple segments and urging viewers to ‘like and follow for part 2’, a resourceful creator solution, but perhaps a frustrating experience for their audience.

The new changes to video length will provide TikTokers and their brand partners the bandwidth to integrate messaging more seamlessly and, ultimately, more time to build meaningful connections with followers.

More opportunity to get creative

One of the main reasons why TikTok is so popular and effective is the quality of content driven by its community of creators. These individuals have the power to educate, inspire, entertain, and influence their audience and TikTok’s new longer-form rollout helps unleash their creative expression even further.

Advertisers can gain from this rollout but it won’t be without its challenges; the test for brands and influencers will be to create captivating and inspiring longer-form content on a platform defined by short-form. It is paramount that advertisers looking to harness creator influence to promote their brand do so in an interesting and enticing way and that will trigger an influencer’s followers to sit up and take notice or, better yet, action.

We’re pleased to see that TikTok is responding to the needs of its community of creators, as well as broadening their solutions and investment opportunities for advertisers. Longer videos on TikTok highlights a gradual shift from ‘social’ to ‘entertainment’, which is without a doubt a huge positive for both content creators and brands. The focus on entertainment by way of longer videos provides brands an expanded canvas to communicate an authenticity that may well have been lost in a series of broken-up videos.

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