TikTok announces new creator partnership solutions at first-ever business showcase event. What does it mean for influencer marketing?

Last week, video-sharing platform TikTok announced a variety of new creator solutions at its first ever product showcase event, TikTok World. The virtual event revealed a whole range of new, innovative tools and features designed to improve the collaboration between brands and creators. Here’s an overview of some of our favourite TikTok product solutions unveiled at this year’s TikTok World.

Instant Pages

First up, we have ‘Instant Pages’. In an effort to improve the user ad experience on TikTok, the platform launched new Customized Instant Pages. These landing pages were designed to eliminate the wait time from the moment a user interacts with a call to action, to the moment they begin to receive information from a brand. This is all accessible within the app itself, and according to TikTok, pages will “load 11x faster than standard mobile pages.”

We imagine that this will provide a more seamless experience for creator-led campaigns. Followers will be able to explore the products and services promoted via an influencer by simply tapping on a CTA within the content, without ever having to leave the app.

Pop-out Showcase

Next up is TikTok’s ‘Pop-out Showcase’, a new tool which allows us to overlay dynamic, clickable visual elements, such as stickers and images, onto creator-generated videos. This will help give emphasis to specific featured products, referenced in the content, and drive a desired action from consumers.


Finally, we have ‘Gesture’. This brand-new format reveals rewards or more information to users who engage with content. Users who like or comment on an influencer’s video are more engaged with the content and are therefore more likely to interact with a commercial message, especially when incentivised. We imagine that this new tool will provide powerful and effective placement on creator content that will capture a user’s full attention.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, TikTok’s new product features will help drive further user engagement and improve shopability for future influencer marketing on TikTok. All features listed above will be applicable for creator-generated campaigns which is terrific news for INCA and clients as we can leverage our campaign management, expertise, capabilities, and creator API access to TikTok to help brands reap the full benefits of these newly introduced, innovative and interactive solutions.

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