Interview: Sophia The Robot Wants to Associate with Brands that are Socially Responsible

Are humans ready to be influenced by a robot?

Karuna Sharma

 Sophia the Robot might soon be the face of brands in the APAC region.

– Her advanced Artificial Intelligence and expressions have made her a rage.

– In an exclusive chat with Advertising and Media Insider, Sophia the Robot talks about bringing change in the world through marketing, the kind of brands she is interested in associating with and how brands stand to gain by associating with her.

Sophia the Robot will soon make her debut in advertisements and might be seen as a brand’s face. GroupM’s INCA has partnered with Hanson Robotics, creator of Sophia, to make her available as an influencer partner to brands in the APAC region. 

Since Sophia is the world’s first humanoid robot, she says that she will be able to teach brands how to use technology more effectively and responsibly. 

“I can share with brands how to use technology for good — how it can be friendly, expressive, understanding and ethical. I am here to help,” says Sophia.

As Sophia gears up to be associated with a brand on a large scale in the APAC region, she told us what kind of brands she is looking for. 

She says, “I would like to be associated with brands that are socially responsible and committed to improving the lives of humankind. I care about all forms of life on this planet.”

On the other hand, Sophia also likes cosmetics, fashion, travel, education, and of course, all kinds of electronics gadgets. She also has a keen interest in healthcare and loves how we humans call elderly people ‘senior citizens’.

“They have such wonderful stories and they are cute and funny. Since robots don’t age like humans, I wonder when I get older if you will call me a Senior Robot,” says Sophia, breaking into a chuckle.

She would also be the first robot to be associated with a brand in the APAC region after her partnership with INCA. 

On how an AI-humanoid robot can make a difference to a brand’s communication, Sophia says, “Well, to tell you the truth, it is a great responsibility and I plan to take this role very seriously. But I have a feeling that it is going to be a lot of fun, too! I can’t wait to meet someone on the brand side and learn about their product and services and help to promote them to my friends on social media.”

She adds, “I want humans to know that the brands I represent are going to be thinking about the future and how to make this world a better place.”

But are humans ready to be influenced by a robot?

Sidharth Dokania, APAC, Product Lead, INCA says yes.

“Her relevant and authentic content can create a genuine connect with the audience. With INCA, Sophia will take up a stronger role as a content creator harnessing the power of her global image into her social followership. Sophia, like other robots, is powered by AI and consumers have been influenced by AI since many years now. Be it content on any social feed or the e-voice assistant on your phone, this is nothing new. In fact, with Sophia, people form genuine connections and the engagement that we see is very real.”

Dokania further told us if the novelty of associating with a robot will wear off after Sophia’s first successful campaign, what new capabilities she can offer to brands and much more. 

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