Influence Anywhere: INCA refreshes brand identity to reflect enhanced set of capabilities

Since launching in 2018, we’ve been steadily expanding and advancing our capabilities to provide our clients with market-leading, end-to-end influencer marketing solutions to deliver measurable results with every campaign. Now, we’re giving our core mission an update to ensure it reflects our upgraded offerings and encapsulates everything we do.

Influence. Anywhere. That’s how we’re going to ensure that INCA, GroupM’s global influencer and creator marketing solution, continues to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Read more below.

Ad spending in influencer marketing is projected to reach $27.51bn in 2022. It’s an essential, effective, trusted marketing channel that’s evolving as quickly as the audiences it reaches. To keep up with the pace of change, brands must have best-in-class expertise, data, and technology at their disposal. They must ensure they are integrating the newest tools for data integration and campaign measurement; seizing new opportunities in social commerce and cross-channel integration; and meeting the demand for more ethical influencer marketing solutions.

We’ve spent the past two years listening, testing, learning, and enhancing our ability to deliver unique and measurable value to our clients. We’ve revolutionized our solutions suite and encapsulated it into a new framework we call Influence Anywhere, which combines four essential pieces:

  • Anyone, anywhere. Powerful, influential content can come from anyone, anywhere. Our creator selection and proprietary data planning tools allow us to source the right talent to create the right content that resonates with the right audience.
  • Anywhere you look. INCA can intelligently distribute content to targeted audiences across any device, platform, or channel.
  • Anywhere on the purchase journey. We can reach consumers wherever they are on their journey. We maximize campaign efficiency and effectiveness by planning and delivering against measurable outcomes across the entire marketing funnel, from awareness and brand-building right through to purchase.
  • Anywhere with ease. We can deliver multi-market or global strategies via our worldwide network of local market influencer experts. Consolidated planning, delivery, and reporting allows clients to understand effectiveness across all territories through a single measurement lens.

INCA is all about harnessing the power of influential creator content to bring brand stories to life, and to do so in the most effective way. Our new brand identity provides a stronger articulation of everything we do, putting our advanced capabilities at the forefront and truly capturing our ability to combine best-in-class influencers, powerful creative content, and intelligent amplification to create influence anywhere at scale​.

Dafydd Woodward, INCA’s Global Managing Director

INCA’s updated brand identify will be applied across the entire INCA global network beginning in October 2022, spanning 30+ markets worldwide.

Not just influence

Influence anywhere

  • Data-driven creator identification and campaign planning
  • Intelligent cross-channel distribution
  • Extensive global network of local experts
  • Elevated full-funnel performance

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