India Influencer Marketing Report 2022 – Influencing the Future

The India influencer marketing industry is currently valued at INR 1275 crores and will grow at a CAGR of 25% for the next 5 years. India alone will be a INR 2800 crores market by 2026.

The e4m INCA India Influencer Marketing Report 2022 is an attempt to look at many factors that are driving digital businesses today through the lens of Influencer Marketing (IM). And how this (relatively) recent phenomenon can have a significant impact for these businesses over the coming years and would pay rich dividends to consider the pros and cons of the different elements of Influencer Marketing in what we term “Trust-based paradigms for a Brave New World”.

This report will make an attempt to understand the following:

  • How important is “Trust” to Influencer Marketing?
  • How is the marketscape changing with Influencers across the spectrum?
  • What does this mean for brands and how do consumers benefit?
  • What are the focal points for brands to consider as they leverage Influencer Marketing?
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Not just influence

Influence anywhere

  • Data-driven creator identification and campaign planning
  • Intelligent cross-channel distribution
  • Extensive global network of local experts
  • Elevated full-funnel performance

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