Huggies unwraps UGC influencer campaign in Vietnam for new diapers


Kimberly-Clark, Huggies’ parent firm, has launched a user-generated content campaign in Vietnam to promote Huggies Thin & Soft and introduce the public to the new characteristics of its diapers. Done in collaboration with GroupM’s INCA, the team selected 200 nano and micro-influencers, who had a dominant share of voice and strong influence on more than 20 mom communities. This was done to incite conversations endorsing the value of its thin and soft attributed diapers. The influencers then reviewed “the thinnest best-selling diaper brands from Korea” before privately sharing Huggies sale links with other mothers in the communities.  

The campaign revolved around the fact that mothers turned to other mothers within their communities for advice and product recommendations. INCA further added that urban Vietnamese mothers place a high value on imported goods, and are excited by innovations hailing from Japan and Korea. As such, Huggies capitalised on these characteristics and turned its focus towards mom communities, whose “small but powerful word-of-mouth influence could collectively spark powerful conversations,” the brand explained. 

The user-generated content campaign reached 650,000 moms with a conversion rate of 2.45%, leading to a click-through rate of 77%, including over 28,000 individual discussions and reviews of the diaper product, INCA said. Based on the the Younet Social Listening Report, Huggies held the largest share of voice in the market, and was the most-talked about in terms of its quality, absorbency, and thinnest attributes. The brand said in a press statement that with 1,313 comments and 1,016 total link clicks, the total number of comments with links was high. 

According to Huggies, diaper brands focused on promoting attribute dryness traditionally, while “Huggies Thin & Soft” touted uncommon features like invisible thinness, product design, as well as its ingredients. These were uncommon features that mothers sought when shopping for diapers for their toddlers, resulting in a lower uptake of thin diapers in the market. 

Uyen Nguyen, senior brand manager of Huggies Vietnam, said: “In launching Huggies Thin & Soft, we were thrilled to spark thousands of discussions on these attributes. Partnering with INCA was crucial in helping us build relationships with mothers in Vietnam through word-of-mouth, one of the most reliable and trusted channels mothers rely on.” He added that the campaign demonstrated the immense potential for soft and thin diapers, something unheard of in the Vietnamese market. According to Nguyen, the campaign exceeded all expectations, and the diaper brand looks forward to more partnerships with INCA in the future. 

On the other hand, Loan Menuge, INCA Vietnam lead, said it was excited to partner with Kimberly-Clark, a brand that prioritises innovation and creative appetite. “Through our brand-safe technology, we were able to align with Huggies’ campaign goals and forge deep connections with creators and consumers to drive business outcomes for our clients. We are pleased that Huggies is now the top diaper brand known in Vietnam for its thinness, quality, absorbency as well as other interesting attributes and that we are able to bring comfort and innovation for mothers and their children,” he explained. 

Separately, on Kimberly-Clark’s side, it had appointed Rahul Asthana as its managing director for Malaysia in January this year. In his role, Asthana will be responsible for leading the charge on driving and accelerating top-tier growth across Kimberly-Clark’s portfolio of brands. These brands include Kotex, Huggies, Kleenex, and Scott. 

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