Celebrating Beauty & Unlocking Opportunities for Brands on TikTok

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INCA Indonesia has recently launched the INCA Focal Point which shares an expert lens from different focal points of our industry partners. Our intention is to provoke and share fundamental trends and shifts in the industry across different topics.

5 Key Takeaways from INCA Focal Point

1. Beauty formula is shifting from Share of Voice to Share of Wallet
TikTok has been the new Gen Z and Millennial discovery platform for beauty brands. Local brands have capitalized on winning not just share of voice but also connecting the last mile gap of share of wallet. Brands will need to approach beauty campaigns from a full-funnel approach, shifting from top of funnel SOV metrics to bottom funnel conversion and advocacy lens.

2. Multi-dimensional definition of beauty among Indonesians
Clozette has highlighted the growth of diverse definition of beauty from Skinimalism to Men’s beauty, this generational shift in definition allows brands to be more inclusive and multi-dimensional in connecting with consumers. The shift and spurt of these trends challenge brands to be more ‘agile’ in creating a messaging that connects with fans.

3. Metaverse and Digital Identities of influencers
With the rise of Metaverse and web 3.0, digital identities are now a reality. Consumers will now have a chance to escape and create online avatars that will allow them to create an alter ego of themselves. Brands will need to leverage this alternate reality to create a meaningful connection with unlimited creativity and possibility.

4. Creators Shape Women’s Perception on Beauty
In our interview with Clarissa Putri, one of Indonesia’s top beauty creators, she has shared her rise to fame and how creators play an important role in shaping Indonesian women’s perception on beauty. Creators are learning more the power of their influence, becoming more discerning and brands they choose to collaborate with. As influencers are now mainstream, brands need to become more collaborative.

5. Changing Beauty Landscape – What does it mean for brands?
Beauty landscape has become more competitive, fragmented and more diverse. Brands need to embrace technologies, innovations and the speed of this changing culture to keep up with this changing landscape.

Special thanks to our contributing editors:  

  • Clozette Indonesia 
  • WIR 
  • TikTok Indonesia 
  • Clarissa Putri (Indonesia’s top beauty creator)

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