Brands Breaking Barriers: GroupM Launches Content Marketing Solution INCA in PH

CNN Philippines Staff

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines)— Influencer and content marketing continues to grow globally, as more brands search for effective platforms to run their campaigns.

Campaigns, however, can be challenging to plan and execute.

In line with this, GroupM Philippines, one of the leading media investment companies in the country, announced the rollout of its content marketing solution Influencer | Content | Amplification (INCA).

INCA connects brands to a wide network of trusted publishers and influencers. It aims to strengthen brand management through creating and promoting content across various digital platforms.

INCA is currently in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and will be accessible to more Asia-Pacific markets by the end of the year.

INCA allows clients to run campaigns across social platforms by tapping different celebrities and influencers. Brands can also place their campaigns in various content spaces like news, parenting, tech, gaming, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment by using websites and other social media assets.

“It’s no longer enough to look at an influencer’s follower count, likes, or comments – these metrics are too easily faked,” said GroupM Asia Pacific CEO Mark Patterson.

“To guarantee effective marketing, advertisers must carefully interrogate available data on their partner influencers and their campaign performance. INCA enables us to do exactly that: we can connect brands with relevant, authentic influencers and publishers that have the power to help a brand achieve its objectives,” he added.

Taking on the challenge

Publishers and influencers, however, need their content to be manually identified, screened, and managed to ensure quality and brand safety.

The rise of fake followers enabled by bots also makes it harder to tell if an influencer is a genuine and valuable creator. A bot, or an internet bot, is a software that runs automated tasks over the internet. The application is used to perform simple yet repetitive jobs at a much faster rate.

These challenges propose the need for trusted and scalable solutions for brands looking to invest. INCA addresses these challenges by providing a trusted network of verified influencer partners and campaign management processes.

INCA’s proprietary technology platform provides unique creator and audience insights, fraud detection, workflow tools, content amplification, and detailed campaign reporting dashboards. Its proprietary algorithm uses real-time data to source, curate, and match influencers and publishers to a brand’s campaign objectives to deliver the most credible partners and content for the greatest impact.

“Considering the rapid evolution of social media platforms and the rise of the content and influencer-driven ecosystem, particularly in Asia Pacific, we are proud bring a powerful solution to our clients in the market,” said Global Lead INCA Dafydd Woodward.

“Advertisers can now have peace of mind in knowing that they are working with the most trustworthy and relevant influencers and publishers, at a scale that can deliver the outcomes they need. With our transparent, data-validated process, we will help to shape the influencer marketing ecosystem for the better.”

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